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Tap The Animal is designed for toddlers and children


... Enhances learning about animals from all over the globe


... Provides an entertaining, educative and fun experience for all

Tap The Animal was built to be entertaining, educative and fun for toddlers and children from 0-5 years. The idea behind the app is that children should have an interactive alternative to learn how a chosen herd of animals sounds and look. It’s built on real-life images and sounds mixed with lovely illustrations, and was designed this way because we believe that this mix will enhance learning.

In this app, you can find animals from all over the world: pets, jungle animals, and more! Maybe you and your child find the cow from the farm or the polar bear living in the Arctic more interesting? Tap The Animal gives you the opportunity to explore all facets of the animal kingdom.

Take a closer look at Tap The Animal on App Store. We think you should give it a try and download it.


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At Romomi we design apps to entertain children all over the world.
We strive to make our apps entertaining, educative and fun. Straightforward, right?